We've 500+ Colleagues providing cover 24/7 365 days a Year
We're A Community Benefit (Not-for-Profit) Organisation
Providing vital Urgent Care Services across Greater Manchester
Who We Are
Who We Are
We are a community benefit, not-for-profit Social Enterprise here to meet your needs.
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Meeting your Health & Social Care needs closer to your home 24/7

As an experienced provider of Urgent Medical and Community Services, BARDOC Ltd has a long history of delivering high-quality, safe services across Greater Manchester. Our unrivalled experience and understanding of the locality and the needs of patients means we are uniquely placed to help Clinical Commissioners transform their delivery of Urgent and Primary Care Services.

BARDOC is a Community Benefit Society and proud to be an Urgent Medical and Community Service provider to the NHS.

Our Values and Vision

We believe in putting our patients at the heart and core of the service, to ensure that they have a positive experience of using a service which is safe, maintains their dignity, treats them with respect and leads to the most appropriate outcome at the time.

A Not-For-Profit Organisation 

Bardoc is a Not-for-profit organisation. This is a broad term for all independent organisations whose purpose is something other than to make private profit for directors, members or shareholders. Non profit organisations serve a charitable purpose to society and have no aim of making profits. 


Our Mission

  • BARDOC aims to bestow a high standard of health and social care needs for every resident in contact.
  • BARDOC provides urgent community care such as telephone assessment, face to face appointments at treatment centres or home visits and the District Nursing service.
  • BARDOC also has a pulse oximetry service, a COVID-19 swabbing service, homeless flu vaccination.


Our Vision

  • BARDOC’s paramount vision is resident focused.
  • We listen to your concerns and offer the best care you need. ​
  • Every member of BARDOC strives to treat all residents with dignity and respect.​
  • At BARDOC, we like to empower people.​
  • We respect your choice and will support you in making the right decision when needed​.
  • We are a destination employer. Many staff have been with BARDOC for many years. We continue to support our staff in enhancing their knowledge and skills.


Our Ambition

  • BARDOC aims to deliver excellent care.
  • We focus on continuous improvement by being open and sharing learning.
  • We support the NHS in increasing Life Expectancy in GM. We listen to you and look at every possible symptom to rule out early diagnosis.
  • We work hard to treat every resident without inequalities. Our homeless flu vaccination team focuses on delivering flu vaccinations to homeless people residing in Bury.
  • BARDOC is an investor in people, we support many physician associates and TNA to complete their placement successfully. Many staff have been supported to develop their skills and knowledge.

BARDOC - An evening of Celebration

BARDOC was so proud to recently celebrate 25 years of all our remarkable contributions towards the community. A lovely evening of recognition for all our hard working staff members that have operated around the clock to provide smooth running services over the years. Having positively impacted so many lives since 1996, we are so happy to celebrate all our accomplishments.

Recent Patient Praise