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GP Training
GP Training
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GP Training

The North West Deanery sends GP trainees to BARDOC for the 2nd and 3rd years of their 3 year training programme. We support approximately 80 trainees a year from practise across the HMR, Bury and Bolton by providing them with training in urgent and unscheduled care, which is mandatory in their learning curriculum and allows them to gain their certificate of completion of training.

Trainees have an induction before they start any clinical shifts, tailored to their time at BARDOC and course requirements. Following this, they are assigned a variety of shifts where they gain an insight into the services offered by BARDOC and how we look after our patients.They are taught about pathways in urgent and unscheduled care, and get to see how general practise works with BARDOC and vice versa. They are well supported with a named supervisor on each shift in place who will observe, assess and feedback so the trainees can reflect and improve their performance where

In their time at BARDOC, GP trainees are also supported with their clinical exams, career development and job opportunities. Those that wish to pursue a career in urgent and unscheduled care are ‘on-boarded’ so they are ready to start working as soon as possible after they gain the CCT.