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Chief Executive Blog – December

Chief Executive Blog – December

December is a difficult time for many, with the cold and dark nights creeping in, people feel more isolated and unable to ask for help. This year we are seeing unprecedented struggles with the cost of living, which will have a huge effect on people’s mental health as well as their physical health – the toll that choosing between eating and heating has on people’s wellbeing will mean that people will be relying on health services even more. 

Here at BARDOC, we recognise the struggles that many will be going through right now, and we have been working to ensure that we can help serve our community. We have been supporting local foodbanks and the homeless through our partnership with Homeless Friendly. 

During this winter, make sure you are staying in touch with family and friends, and if you need medical advice out of hours, you can always ring 111 and get the support you need. 

Dr Chauhan is the Chief Executive of BARDOC and a founder of the Homeless Friendly charity.