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Patient Participation Group
Patient Participation Group
We believe in putting our patients at the heart and core of our service.
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If you have time to spare and would like to share your ideas to help improve the services we offer to our patients, why not join our Patient Participation Group? 

“Are you a patient who has used BARDOC, and want a say in how we can best look after our community? At BARDOC, we are inviting you to apply to join our patient participation group, to give patients a role in improving our service.”

“We are a community enterprise, not-for-profit organisation that provides NHS out of hours GP services, to the residents of Bury, Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale, and Bolton.”

“At BARDOC, we have a resident focused vision, and believe in putting our patients at the heart and core of our service. That is why we are setting up a patient participation group. It aims to give patients an active role in improving our service. The patient participation group will be made up of patients from throughout the area we serve.”

“This group will be important in improving the service we offer. Specifically, we believe that it can help us improve the experience of accessing BARDOC, identify the services we offer that are most important to the community, act as a channel for communication between BARDOC and the community, and provide accountability to the community we care for.”

“Overall, we hope that this group can help us to improve patient satisfaction and the quality of care we provide, as well as widening access to care across the community. Ultimately, this group can help us improve health outcomes for the people we care for. And we need YOUR help in doing this. “

“The patient participation group will be composed of volunteers from across our community, as well as staff from the organisation. Meetings will be held regularly throughout the year. We welcome applications to join the patient participation group from anyone across the area we cover. To submit an application form, please fill the form in on this page

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